Organizational Approach
Three operating principles have guided First 5 Orange County’s organizational structure and budget planning since its inception:

Maintain a core internal staff of limited size, made up of experienced and dedicated personnel. This structure is intended to be flexible and responsive to issues and challenges as they arise and change over time. Current staff include 12 regular staff positions and one dedicated staff person on loan from HCA (Evaluation Manager).

Leverage consultants to provide specialized technical expertise to First 5 Orange County and assist with implementation of certain programs. Three types of consultants are engaged to support First 5 Orange County operations:

  • Project managers – supplement staff and assist in reviewing funded programs for compliance with approved scope of work, budget and all First 5 Orange County contract requirements.
  • Special technical consultants – provide short-term or one-time needed expertise on a particular matter before First 5 Orange County.
  • Professional services consultants – provide financial planning, strategic communications, administrative, and legal counsel services.

Utilize County Support and Fiscal Services as needed. First 5 Orange County has a standing agreement with the County of Orange whereby the County provides critical, required services such as treasury/investment management, general accounting, purchasing, risk management, information technology, and other support services. The agreement with the County Health Care Agency provides for a full-time evaluation manager dedicated to First 5 Orange County. First 5 Orange County also has the ability to use other County staff resources, as needed, on a fee-for-service basis to supplement workload peaks and balance the availability of the core internal staff.

The First 5 Orange County administrative budget and Long Term Financial Plan adheres to the strict limit of 10 percent limit of administrative costs to the operating budget, exclusive of catalytic funding. First 5 Orange County complies with the administrative cost definitions as defined by the First 5 Association Financial Management Guide.

Commissioner Compensation
A per-meeting stipend is required by the Proposition 10 voter initiative. For Orange County Commissioners the stipend is $100, and was established by the Board of Supervisors in the 1999 enabling County ordinance. Under the ordinance, Commissioners receive the stipends for official monthly First 5 Orange County Children & Families Commission meetings. They do not receive any other compensation or benefits for attending additional meetings related to First 5 Orange County business. The per diem and expense reimbursement have remained at the same level since 1999.

Staff Compensation & Benefits
The Salary and Benefits Policy was approved by First 5 Orange County in March 2014. First 5 Orange County benefits are offered pursuant to County of Orange policy except where distinguished by First 5 Orange County policies (e.g. vacation accrual, sick leave). Accordingly, employees receive benefits on the same general terms and conditions as County of Orange employees in positions deemed comparable by the Executive Director.

Employee pay or pay scales are determined by the Executive Director; provided however, that total pay and benefits for all First 5 Orange County employees, including the Executive Director, shall not exceed in any year the amount set forth in the line item for “Staff” in each year’s Proposed Budget. The following is the Salary Range Structure:

Employee Title Hourly Minimum Hourly Maximum
Administrative Manager I $27.82 $55.30
Administrative Manager II $39.06 $69.42
Administrative Manager III $48.84 $85.76
Executive Assistant $17.10 $68.75
Research Analyst III $29.90 $40.31
Research Analyst IV $33.28 $44.79
Staff Analyst I/ Staff Specialist $15.67 $25.94
Staff Analyst II $19.78 $32.75
Staff Analyst III $22.23 $36.80
Senior Staff Analyst $24.68 $40.85
Executive Positions
Executive Director Salary established by First 5 Orange County via employment contract.

First 5 Orange County, Children & Families Commission complies with the California State Controller’s Office Annual Government Compensation Reporting Program.