Orange County Child Care Landscape Analysis


Orange County Child Care Landscape Analysis

Phase II: “Child Care and Its Impact on Orange County’s Economy”

In October of 2020, First 5 Orange County unveiled the first phase of an analysis that revealed there was a dearth of affordable and quality child care options for working parents, including infant and toddler care. At its June 2, 2021 meeting, First 5 OC unveiled the second phase of this analysis, titled, “Child Care and Its Impact on Orange County’s Economy.”

The report found that child care challenges contribute a significant toll on Orange County companies and the overall economy, with billions of dollars lost in productivity, wages and tax revenue.

Furthermore, the struggle to find child care also puts a staggering personal and financial toll on families with young children, who far too often must choose between continuing to work or abandoning their careers to care for their children.

Read the report (click the image below).

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By acting together, we can leverage our voices and underline the connection between the lack of child care and the local economy, plus work together to help formulate recommendations and a plan of action to solve this crisis.

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Phase I

An analysis released on Oct. 7, 2020 to First 5 Orange County commissioners reveals a harsh landscape for Orange County’s working parents hoping to find affordable child care, especially for those who need it for their infants or toddlers.

The “Orange County Child Care Landscape Analysis,” directed by First 5 Orange County, is the first part of a three-phase initiative to know the availability and type of child care offered for young children in Orange County; the flow of public funding entering the county; and the key providers and partners involved in providing child care.

The second phase will assess the impact of child care issues in Orange County on the economy, employers and working parents/caregivers, while the third phase will develop a series of recommendations that will ultimately help solve Orange County’s child care crisis.

As more families and child care facilities were impacted by COVID-19, it became clear that the child care system – while a critical underpinning to the local economy – is fragile and ripe for systemwide improvements.

Read the report (click the image below) or Read the Executive Summary in Spanish here.

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