Five Domains

UCLA developed three ranges for the five domains using typical population cutoffs, which helps to compare how children are doing developmentally both across and within communities and over time. The averages for all records valid for analysis are sorted from lowest to highest to determine the 10th and the 25th percentile population cutoff scores for each developmental domain.

For each domain, children’s performance is compared to their peers. The EDI can also show how children are performing within their communities and larger county.


Physical Health & Well-Being
The child can hold a pencil and sustain energy throughout the full school day.


Emotional Maturity
The child pays attention to directions and is willing to help others.


Communication Skills & General Knowledge
The child can communicate his or her needs and takes part in imaginative play.


Language & Cognitive Development
The child knows how to handle a book and can attach sounds to some letters.


Social Competence
The child gets along with others and follows rules and instructions.

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