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Thank you for your interest in sharing the Early Development Index (EDI) data with your organization and community. Led by the Children and Families Commission of Orange County (CFCOC), the EDI outcomes can help guide informed citywide and neighborhood-level decisions on the resources, programs, and policies that will help ensure all children are supported in their health, development, and school readiness. To best ensure you have the resources to be successful, please tell us what you need on the form below.*

A representative from the CFCOC shares the EDI data via a briefing presentation in personA representative from CFCOC shares the EDI data via a briefing presentation via webinarA representative from CFCOC helps me prepare to give my own EDI data briefing presentation

A conversation with the CFCOC to discuss the design or facilitation approachAssistance in following through or tracking actions and changeAdditional data or maps for my agency, organization, or neighborhood’s context

If you need additional assistance, please contact us at