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To read the full column from Dr. Maria Minon, Vice President of Medical Affairs for Children’s Hospital of Orange County and chair of the Children and Families Commission of Orange County, click here.

2015 Community Indicators Report Now Available

The Children and Families Commission of Orange County is the lead partner in the production of the annual Orange County Community Indicators Report. Since 2000 the Community Indicators Report has tracked countywide trends related to the economy, income, housing, education, health, safety, and infrastructure. The recently completed 2015 report was restructured to focus on pivotal issues impacting Orange County.

The Orange County Community Indicators report was restructured in 2015 to focus attention on pivotal issues which impact the wellbeing of the county so significantly that solving them must be Orange County’s top priority. These issues include housing, children’s health and wellbeing, and the opportunity gap between high and low-income families and their children. Shifts in Orange County’s population and the economy further highlight the impact and magnitude of these on the future residents and workforce. The report retains the core components of past reports, updating the presentation of the community profile and key indicators with clear graphics and headlines that highlight how Orange County is doing. Indicators include measurement across a broad range of topics: economy, income, housing, education, health, safety, and infrastructure.

You can now access the 2015 Orange County Community Indicators report here.

2015/16 Capacity Building Application Released

The Commission is now requesting applications from cohorts of organizations interested in participating in the 2015/16 Capacity Building Grant Program. The 2015/16 Capacity Building Grant Program is designed to  strengthen the ability of regional providers to work collectively on improving health and educational outcomes for children ages 0-5 in Orange County, and to improve the region’s chances of attracting larger, regional grants.  Organizations are invited to submit applications that articulate how capacity building resources might help strengthen collective impact strategies being used to address issues related to children and families.  Applications are due to the Commission on August 17, 2015.

Detailed information on the Capacity Building Application is available here: 2015/16 Capacity Building Grant Program Request for Application

A Microsoft Word document version is also available for download here: 2015 Capacity Building Application

The Commission’s 2015  Capacity Building Pre- Application Conference was held on July 15, 2015.  The Question and Answer Summary from the Pre-Application Conference is now available here.


Poor Children Get Dental Help… Health Care for Everyone

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Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County was featured on PBS Studio SoCal.

See reporter David Nazar’s on-site interviews with the Healthy Smiles Executive Officer Ria Berger, dentist Dr. Geraldine Ruiz, and the Pieters family that receive services for their children at the dental clinic.

Watch the full story here.