Aligned Investments

Invest First 5 Orange County resources for greatest impact using data-informed, mission-driven decision making.

As the First 5 Orange County budget declines, the organization must invest strategically. The objectives identified within this strategic direction aim to: use data to drive specific investments that will have the most impact on our goals and headline objectives; align direct service agreements with a systems-focused funding model and a new performance measurement system that is aligned with the strategic plan; and identify new ways to distribute system-building dollars.

Aligned Investments 1: Employ a funding approach that uses data and is aligned with strategic plan objectives and system-building priorities.

To be measured by: Creation of a funding approach that takes into account EDI, evaluation results, and strategic plan priorities.

Value of the measure: Consistent and informed investment requires a standardized process by which all investments can be examined. The development of a funding approach that takes into account data, evaluation results, and strategic priorities will support an objective, strategic approach to funding allocation.

Aligned Investments 2: Achieve alignment of First 5 Orange County agreements and performance measurement system with strategic plan.

To be measured by: Revision of performance management system to align with strategic plan and application of new performance management metrics to all new agreements.

Value of the measure: Critical to program accountability is having a performance measurement system aligned with strategic plan priorities. Doing so focuses the activities of funded partners on the outcomes and strategies that will help First 5 Orange County achieve its objectives.

Aligned Investments 3: Increase system-building work through First 5 Orange County investments.

To be measured by: Development and deployment of a process that most effectively invests First 5 Orange County dollars in system-building work.

Value of the measure: Investing in system-building activities can have a multiplier effect by improving the ability of the early childhood system to work more effectively for more families. First 5 Orange County will develop a process that will help us invest our capacity-building dollars in a way that provides the greatest return on investment.