Linda Christopher

Executive Director, OC STEM Initiative

The Commission is a founding member of the OC STEM Initiative that began in 2011 in partnership with the Samueli Foundation. The OC STEM Initiative Executive Director, Linda Christopher, presented an update on the Initiative and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs in Orange County. With a membership of 15 organizations, there is progress towards the goal of preparing students for STEM careers and college. Beginning at an early age, the programs supported by the OC STEM Initiative are contributing to the effort to educate a skilled workforce to meet the scientific and technological needs of the employer base in Orange County.

The early STEM programs include: the Early Childhood STEM Symposium, a professional development forum for early child educators; the OC STEM Ecosystem Institute, a leadership program for teams comprised of early learning, informal institutes, and K-12 education; and the Lead STEM Practitioner program to increase the awareness of STEM education.

To view Linda’s full presentation, click here.